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Five Floors

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Angel Square, London (UK)
dimensions variable
loudspeakers, lights, pedestals, objects

The installation is conceived for the 5 floors of Block 1 of Angel Square - a new office block in Central London. 3 floors have the same shape. The upper two have different configurations. The public have access to all floors via 3 elevators or a staircase. The ground floor. which includes a reception area. will not be part of the installation.

The basis of the work is sound and light. to create an environment where people can walk or sit. The general ambience will be calm. There is no set sequence to follow: everything occurs frequently and some times even at ran­ dom. lt is intended that the audience move through the 5 floors consecutively starting at ground level but they are free to stay in each place as long as they like and can also come back to places where they have already been. Each floor is named. so that it is easy to find your way back to specific parts of the piece.

The installation is scheduled to be open to the public for 3 weeks from 14
September. On one night in each week there will be a dance performance in the space. created as a response to the work.


On the first floor. all windows will be covered over so that it is completely dark in the space. The public can only get a short way into the room. There will be a rope or some other kind of barrier to hold them back. On both sides of the audience there are large loudspeakers and high powered photo­ graphic flash-lights. Very loud and intense sound bytes _are heard from either side and each time a sound occurs the flashes will illuminate the space. Between each flash of combined sound and light there will be an extended pause.


Eight small speakers on eight white columns are placed equidistantly on a long diagonal through floor 2. Above each speaker there is a small spotlight pointing down. Short and medium to loud sound sequences are travelling very fast from one speaker to the next along the line. Visitors can walk around the whole space.


In each of the 14 corners of the space a small speaker is located softly play­ ing sound effects from everyday life. The audience is surrounded by the noises of their lives. At several places there are flourescent lamps leaning against the walls. The tubes are taped with black gaffer- or masking tape in a way, that only a slim line of light comes out.


The fourth floor is the only one that is carpeted. The acoustics therefore are more muffled than in the other spaces. Also one can sit or lie down. Four big speakers will play back unidentifiable bass sounds. The situation is very calm and meditative and invites the people to stay and relax. The tour white col­ umns in the centre of the space are lit in monochrome colours.


The top floor has a very different shape and there are many windows on each side of the room. Below each window is a wooden shelf on which ob­jects are placed. These objects are silent now. but they once. in their former life. made sounds. A cordon, as being used in museums. keeps the public at a distance from the exhibits.
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