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von hier nach da (und zurück)

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von hier nach da (und zurück)
from here to there (and back)

Video installation for a museum gallery
The purpose of the Goethe-Institutes is to spread the German language and the German culture over the world but also in the other direction - maybe not in the same amount - to refer to the other cultures. By that many connections to many other countries and cultures were established as two-way lanes. This installation will shine a light on this issue in an artistic way and indicate to the importance of cross cultural work.

In a large space with a ground area of minimum 18 m x 18 m or a round hall with a diameter of more then 15 m a circular building made of dry wall materials shall be erected. The wall should be approx. 20 cm deep and consisting of 50 equal flat parts, creating a 50 corner polygon. Each part defines 7,2° of the full circle. A videomonitor will be incorporated in each of these elements on the inside of the circle. These are standard TVsets with a diagonal of 50“ - 55“ but they are installed sideway (Portrait-mode) so that the images appear high but not wide. All sizes of the construction - diameter and height - are depending on the size of these TV-sets. In this expoé the size is set as 55“.

The monitors shall be installed at a height such that the bottom end is at the height of the head of an approximate visitor, around 1,70 m. This way it will be possible for amost all audience to see all images even if many people are in the space.

Short videofilms shall be shot with the help of Goethe-Institutes in 50 countries of the world. These films will be taken with the camera being tilted by 90° (Portraitformat, not landscape) and they are supposed to shoot a section of the landscape of the specific country with the horizon line being exactly at the middle of the screen. The existing sound shall also be recorded and will be played back together with the images, so the recording team needs to be quite during the shooting. Each film is supposed to be 5 minutes long. It is important that the films show no human made constructions or traffic, it should be just images of the country side as it is.

The building will be set up in that way, that one element will show exactly north. On a worldmap with Mexico at its centre a 50-parts wind rose with arms every 7,2° will be attached and it will be researched which country lies in which direction when you look for them from Mexico.

Each of the films with its sounds will be shown on one of the monitors - to be more precise exactly on that monitor that shows in the direction of the country. By this an installation of 50 TV-sets that show simultaneously 50 films from 50 countries and on which the horizon line is all around the same. This way an imaginary connection between 50 countries of the world is established, to which the Goethe-Institut is related and it also indicates the beauty of planet earth in its variety of landscapes. A hint to continue the interchange between the diverse cultures and by that to continue care taking of this beauty.

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