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Living Nature

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Sound Installation
Contrei Live (Festival) Avelgem, Belgium
Dimension variabel
Loudspeakers, Electronics

Within a meadow with wild plants a small a path was created by cutting the grass. to the one side of this path the town of Avelgem in Belgium was situated to the other side one saw over a larger green area with a forest in the distance. There were no animals around but on the side of the green area over the 240 m-stretch of the path, 24 loudspeakers were dug into the ground, invisible to the audience. Walking along the path one heard a multichannel composition of animals sounds, animals from the area (mid-Europe) others from far away places like Cikadas, Lions, Elephants and others. Since no animals were visible, only the landscape it provoked the feeling of a movie but without the screen.
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