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The Day After

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Video installation, 2005
solo exhibition „Inde - Ude”, Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense (DK)
[TV monitor, video camera, electronics]

A large TV monitor is placed by the window facade of the new entrance to Kunsthallen Brandts. Its display screen is visible from within, and its back side is turned towards the window. Behind the television set a camera has been mounted, apparently reproducing the same image on the monitor that the viewer standing in front of the screen can see by looking out of the window. But the image on the monitor differs from the image you see through the window by being shot exactly 24 hours earlier, reproducing the world as it was the day before. A clock visible in the range of the camera image makes the seeming simultaneity clear. The perception of reality is not verifiable. No one can prove that what we seem to experience with our senses really happens in that way and not otherwise. We experience two parallel times in the same place. In addition, both events take place behind glass, which lends even the real simultaneous image something television-like, untouchable, and thus unreal.
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