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Ude – Farvevaeg [Outside – Color Wall]

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Video/Light Installation, 2005
solo exhibition „Inde - Ude”, Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense (DK)
[TV sets, electronics]

Sixty television sets were mounted in the glass front section of the facade. A central computer fills them with variously colored, monochromatic color fields in the size of the screens. Each monitor can be separately controlled, and thus moving or standing patterns can be projected onto the monitors. The work is silent. The installation takes up the given geometric pattern of the glass vestibule, but also relates to the structure of the interior space work – Inde (Klangtæppe) – as whose visual opposite it is to be understood. Like the sounds in the interior space, the color surfaces on the grid of TV screens stage a moving choreography across the given surface of the facade. Since the visitor can only be either inside or outside the building, the works do not illustrate each other. The different forms of perception are rather to be regarded as individual events that complement each other as an overall image only retroactively, in the mind of the visitor.
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